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Congratulations! After several steps in the application process, you got the email you’ve been looking for: an interview for your dream job or university places.

The company or university is impressed with you so far and wants to meet you. They’re scheduling interviews two days from now.

That’s when the excitement turns to overwhelm.

Are you prepared for your interview?  Don’t fret!
I can help.

 I offer one on one interview coaching services for jobseekers, graduates, professionals, and university applicants worldwide.  

 When you work with me, you can snag the job you’ve always dreamed of, or secure a spot at your preferred university.  My glowing testimonials prove that I can help you achieve your goals.

You get to choose the type of one on one meeting that works best for you.  Your options include:

● Telephone Appointments

● Skype Appointments

● Face-to-Face Appointments or Virtual Coaching Sessions available (30,60,90  minute session) which are 1-2-1 and delivered online  via Telephone, remote virtual platforms by (Zoom,  Skype etc)

I customize my service to meet your needs. We will focus on getting you ready for your specific interview, which greatly increases your ability to succeed.

I have successfully helped job and university applicants achieve their goals and reach their dreams in the private and public sector .

There is no need to sweat your interview. After working with me, you will be more than ready for it because the skills I help you develop will enable you to approach the big day with confidence.

How   Does   Interview Coaching Work?

What You   Will Get   From  Online Interview Coaching

  • You will learn how to communicate confidently, smoothly and professionally
  • You will learn  how to excel in Competency Based and Behavioural interviews
  • You will learn how to sell yourself effectively and get the jobs or university places you want.
  • You will  learn how to create and deliver strong answers
  • You will learn the importance of positive body language
  • You will learn how to be confident and leave a lasting impression for the recruiter
  • You will learn how to overcome nerves and anxiety
  • Learn how to answer difficult traditional interview questions.
  • Learn how to answer difficult competency based interview questions.
  • Each session ranging from 60, 90, 120mins is entirely bespoke and geared towards helping you secure your job role or university places.
  • Finally, you will be much fully prepared and ready to attend any interview after using my interview coaching service.

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