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How important is it to pass an interview?

Interviews are an integral part of the employment process or any process that involves promotion into another level. Sometimes, it is the most important part. It therefore follows that a good understanding of how to surmount interviews is necessary in the corporate world. Unfortunately, very few people have that understanding.

The recruiters and HR department members who conduct the interviews are human too. They will not always make the right decision about the right person by choosing who is logically the right person for the job, but they tend to judge applicants by details that are determined by whether they have a good impression of the candidates or not.

So how do we prepare ourselves to present ourselves in the right way that will give the recruiters the right impression about us?

This is where How to Be Successful at Interviews by Ernest Enabulele comes in. This book provides an in-depth guide on how to sell yourself to recruiters, HR departments and potential bosses why you are the right person for the job. The book helps provide you with the knowledge on how to present yourself, what information to share and how to answer tough questions.

Enabulele designed this book in such a way that it provides you valuable content with no fillers. You learn to answer the secrets behind the crazy questions that employers will throw your way, as well as how to answer these questions properly with the right body language. It also gives you the right mindset to garner the confidence that will help you prove that you are the perfect candidate with authentic and strategic responses that create an exciting, motivational interviewing process. 

Among other things, How to Be Successful at Interviews offers you how to do the following:

· Reason logically and quickly about interview questions

· Present and highlight your skills, aptitudes and strengths

· Meander through structured and behavioral questions

· Present and explain your personal strengths and weaknesses

· Handle criticism, deadlines, milestones and targets

· Describe yourself, your goals, and your passions

· Present to the recruiters your desire to work there… and many more!

This right here is the best interview guide to help you gain confidence in your next interview, whether it is for a job or a promotion in your company or even in a meeting where you need to find favour in the eyes of your superiors at all cost. 

The book teaches you how to create a good first impression, which is key to winning over the hearts of your interviewers.

How to Be Successful at Interviews also shows you how to sell and prove your worth to recruiters (or your employers), show people why you are the best person for the job, and also give you the confidence to get the job or promotion and any other promotion whatsoever that you want and deserve.

Prepare yourself for every logical, brain-racking and out-of-the-box question you could get hit with, every intense situation by getting for yourself a copy of How to Be Successful at Interviews by Ernest Enabulele today and be prepared to ace your next interview.

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