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Are you not doing well as you expected in your interviews? Or you haven’t been to any interview for a while? Or you want to prepare yourself for the upcoming interview, which could land you your dream job? Then you are exactly where you need to be!
You will face questions in a customized mock interview, the questions you will probably receive in your coming interview. This will allow you to tackle those questions in a smart and smooth way, boosting your confidence level as well.
A research concluded that many qualified and smart applicants miss the job opportunity solely because their answers are not aligned with the interviewer’s expectations.
Interview Coaching Expert Ltd will give you suggestions on your answers, to make them more compelling and unique.
Some benefits of this coaching are:
• This is one of the most successful coaching techniques for online video interviews. The video interviews are becoming really popular among recruiters, as it is an easy option for them as compared to face to face interviews. The online interview coaching is also applicable to telephonic interviews.
• The coaching session is recorded and shared with the participants, so they can do practice as well.
• The coaching via Skype is outstanding for focusing on structure and content of participant’s answer, it is tailored to the interview type participant is having whether strength, blended or competency based.
• Skype coaching is a convenient option, it does not require any travelling and can take place anywhere in the world.
• It is a very interactive practice, as we share content and screens throughout the session.

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