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Competency Based Interview 120mins session




A behaviour competency interviews is the most common style of interview used to recruit candidates. It requires candidates to demonstrate their skills by giving a specific example to substantiate their experience in answer to specific questions .

Competency-based interviews (also called structured or behavioural interviews) are more systematic, with each question targeting a specific skill or competency. Candidates are asked questions relating to their behaviour in specific circumstances, which they then need to back up with concrete examples.

During the 120 minutes competency based interview coaching session, you will: • Learn to structure and personalise answers to common interview questions

• Learn to deal with a wide range of competency-based interview questions

• Acquire techniques designed to optimise your score in competency-based interviews

• Work on series of interview questions related to your job or university course

• Undergo plenty of practice, including a mock interview

• Be more confident and dramatically increase your chances of winning the job or university places.

  • I will prepare you on how to answer behavioural interview questions using STAR Method and you learn how to structure your competency based interview answers.
  • When responding to the interview questions try to use a method that will ensure your responses are logical and concise. This can be achieved by using the STAR method for responding to interview questions:
  • R IS FOR RESULTYou can see that by following the above STAR method for responding to interview questions you are answering the question in a concise and logical manner.

• Get the edge on the competition, arrange an interview coaching session today!


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