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1-2-1 Interview Coaching

Get the winning edge , book our interview coaching service, interview coaching is  delivered online by  Telephone, Skype or Zoom to anywhere . Please note we cannot commence service until we have received payment in full.

Order your interview coaching session online.

  1. We offer range of interview coaching sessions delivered online by Telephone, Skype or Zoom and welcome clients from all over the world.
  2. Our Interview coaching session(s) is 100% customised to you and the Job or university course you are being interviewed for. Each session is entirely bespoke and geared towards helping you land the dream job or university places offers.
  3. The session starts from 60mins to 120mins, We will arrange your session to suits you.

Before the Session

During our telephone 15mins consultation, We will get more information about you and your goals.

We will identify your challenges and areas of weakness you are facing during Job or university course interview.

During the Session

  • We will create mock interview for you with likely questions to expect and how to answer them.
  • We will train you how to communicate confidently and effectively whether it be traditional or Competency Based interview.
  • We will include Competency and Behavioural questions and show you how to structure the answer with great examples.
  • We will help improve your interview performance including physical appearance, facial expression and body language and also reducing nerves during interview.

After the Session

  • We will continue to support you after the interview coaching session via Telephone prior to the interview date.

How can we help you?

  • We can help you prepare for your interview by selecting a series of practice questions and answers based on the job description or course specification for the interview you will be attending. Should you wish to practice your interview skills prior to winning an interview, we will base the practice questions on your past experience and/or your ideal next role.
  • This can be done either over the telephone, Skype, or  Zoom , depending on your location.
  • Pre-Interview phone call: We will contact you the day before your interview for last minute coaching techniques therefore all the knowledge is fresh in your mind prior to the actual interview.

Why do I need coaching?

Being coached by experts  on what to expect will give you an advantage over other candidates.

Who is the interview coaching aimed at?

Those looking for a job change and need to brush up on existing skills

  • Candidates applying for internal positions
  • Those who are getting the interview but are struggling to progress any further.
  • College leavers, University graduates applying for first jobs or University places
  • Those returning to work after a break
  • Job Seekers
  • Those who need help with their career
  • To get you feel confident about interviewing-and in turn get the job you want and deserve.
  • To all range of job and university applicants
  • To assist our clients getting the job or gain admission to the college or University of their dreams.

Our services are provided according to the needs of our clients. Our clients are diverse, with every person having a unique background. Every new client is treated as an individual who needs special attention to accomplish his or her goals.

Our Interview coaching Guarantee

We provide you with a full satisfaction guarantee.

  • In order to get the best out of the session, we encourage you to provide your Job description, CV and information on the companies, universities you have been short listed for prior to your interview coaching appointment.

How long does the session take?

All Interview coaching sessions are tailored to your specific needs no matter the length of interview coaching you choose.

Want to be fully confident when answering the toughest competency and traditional interview questions?

Are you getting interviews but no offers?

During the 30,60,90,120  minutes session, you will:

Learn to structure and personalise answers to common interview questions

Learn to deal with a wide range of competency-based interview questions

Acquire techniques designed to optimise your score in competency-based interviews

Work on series of interview questions related to your job or university course

Undergo plenty of practice, including a mock interview

Be more confident and dramatically increase your chances of winning the job or university places.

Get the edge on the competition, arrange an interview coaching session today!

Suitable for job seekers, fresh graduates and professionals that want to ace an interview